About us


Narsee Monjee College Of Commerce & Economics is one of the most reputed colleges of Mumbai. Within fifty one years of it's establishment, it is among the nation's peak educational institutions. Ranked first in Maharashtra and seventh in India in the field of commerce, the college is honoured to have alumni like Nita Ambani, Paresh Rawal and Aamir Khan among others. Narsee Monjee College Of Commerce & Economics is a second home to students with diverse talents that range from sports to writing and from performing arts to management.


Umang is the annual inter-collegiate cultural festival of Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics. The festival is in its seventeenth year, ready to cater to a crowd of over 50,000 people yet again and soar to new heights like never before! Umang is honoured to have been tagged as 'Asia's Fastest Growing Festival'. Living up to its motto, 'Reach for moo-re...', Umang is ready to enthrall one and all once again by reaching new heights with the help and combined efforts of an organising team of over 500 people working day in and day out behind it!


Do you feel you belong in the wild? Tired of the melancholy routines pressed onto our shoulders by the system? Wanting to uncage the animal within? This is for those who dream of swinging the trees in broad daylight. This is for those who feel more alive on seeing the wild creatures prancing in glory, than finishing work before deadlines. This is for them, the ones draining their lifelines while sitting for hours; for those who would prefer to sleep over the wild grass, gazing at the falling stars at twilight.
Unleash your inner wild: majestic, ethereal, and dangerous. Fly among the birds; drown in the unrelenting rainstorm; let the wild seep into your soul and break it apart; seam by seam. This time, only the toughest can survive. Only the smartest can stay. Only the wildest can win. Theme for Umang 2016: Call of The Wild.


Our mascot Uma is the cow which manages to achieve the unachievable. The cow jumped over the moon and forayed into the impossible, past numerous hindrances. It proudly reiterates our motto, 'Reach for Moo-re'. We at Umang are encouraged to take risks and gain new heights by innovating and reaching new horizons. It influences us to face obstacles and surmount them. The famous poem, 'The Cow That Reached The Moon' has inspired Uma. The influence of Uma in our lives is huge which reflects in our work culture at Umang too. Uma's birthday is celebrated on the 4th May.