Do you have a flair for words and possess the art of weaving stories? Do you make homes under piles of words and friends amidst the pages of a book? Exhibit your talent on paper and make the dreamy childhood stories, better.


Every secret of a writer's soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind - it’s written large in his works. Here's an event incorporating Hindi and Urdu languages. Pick up the Qalam and pen down your thoughts!


If you're a French connoisseur, then here's an event crafted just for you. Si vous êtes parfait avec le francais? Un auteur or une nauteur? Fais attention! Test your skills in this popular lingo and see how far you go.


Are you well acquainted with the different kinds of writing devices? Do you have the texture, the energy and the excitement to grip the reader's imagination? Then get into this event and return with a pharaonic brain and a sardonic sense of humour.


If you venture into a writer's mind, you may be overwhelmed by what you see. If you can paint magic on paper in the form of words in merely fourteen lines, style yourself for a sonnet and paint your imagination wild.