Q.1 What is Umang?

Umang is the annual inter-collegiate cultural festival of Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics which is visited by more than 50,000 people each year.

Q.2 How does one reach N.M. college?

N.M. college is located in Vile Parle West. One can take a train from their nearest station to Vile Parle station. Other modes of accessible transport include public buses, rickshaws or private modes.

Q.3 Who participates in Umang?

More than 200 colleges and universities take part in Umang, with students from all over Mumbai and outstations.

Q.4 What are the kinds of events that would grab my attention?

We organize an array of different events, ranging from gaming to creative writing, from management to performing arts. Umang also organizes many exciting workshops that are definitely very interesting.

Q.5 Are there any facilities that would make my experience better?

Who doesn't love to eat and drink? The Umang cafeteria provides scrumptious food and purified water that you can eat to your heart's content and also quench your thirst.

Q.6 How can we participate?

One can contact their respective college's Contingent Leader(CL) who will provide you with the necessary information. A CL is a person who is the representative of a particular college for another college's festival. Non Cl participants can take part on the spot.

Q.7 Is it feasible for people attending from outstations?

With a large proportion of our audience coming from outstations, we provide accommodation at subsidized rates when our Hospitality team is contacted.

Q.8 Who should I contact in case of any queries or doubts regarding accessibility and other management details?

For any management details contact our Hospitality Head of department through this phone number: +91 8291811538 (Bhumi Mody).

Q.9 What do I get in my backpack for Umang?

Make sure you get your original college ID card and your PROnite pass for the PROnite. Sharp tools, harmful objects, deodorants, staplers, match boxes and lighters, crackers etc. are strictly prohibited. Any other objects that have the slightest probability to be injurious are a big NO-NO

Q.10 What is required to enter Umang?

To enter the Umang venue you would only need the original ID card provided by your registered University/College. Make sure you have your PROnite passes for the PROnite!

Q.11 How can I associate with Umang?

To associate and be a privileged sponsor of Umang, one can contact the marketing team, who shall redirect them to their respective areas. +91 9167288879 (Krish Kariya)