Engage in an incredibly realistic brand of terrorist warfare, ally with teammates to complete strategic missions and take out enemy sites. Your role affects your team's success and your team's success affects your role. Get ready to defend and defuse!


Gear up for the most enthralling team game. Show your mettle, prove your worth and push yourself to your physical limits and even beyond. Amongst all the ordeals, measure your ability to survive, between quitting and taking a step further. This exhilarating game will surely leave you asking for more!


This event welcomes all gaming junkies, who eagerly anticipate the all new console gaming challenge. Take your pick from an array-na, be it shooting, scoring, racing, smacking or timing. This is the opportunity that any diehard gamer would relish. Relieve yourself from the monotony and participate in this beguiling game!


Flaunt your cricket knowledge and quiz yourself with the trivia. This game is a true celebration of all things related to cricket where off the field strategies and schemes will be judged.


Hold your breath, exhibit your inner strength. It's all about who stands out from the rest. Test your reflexes against the toughest lot of opponents. Come and experience this Desi game with a Videshi Tadka.


Always considered yourself as the next Ronaldo or Neymar? Now is your chance to manifest and manoeuvre, and delve into the world of football! Score Big and Win Big. From rock-solid defenders to freescoring forwards, immerse yourself in the world's most popular sport! Let's Football!


Move quicker than lightning and gear up for a gripping and electrifying event. It's time to stay alert and score fast. Brace yourself for this invigorating game!


Two competing teams will be settled under dead-heat rules. Perfect your shot and combine that with your strategy and skill. Demonstrate your proficient spirit on the pitch and beat the pressure to emerge as the winner.


Throw, collect and pass, but be quick, as there is no time to unwind. Come play with all your wits, because it's time to test your adrenaline. So get up, rise and shine, for Throwball is ready for you. Are you?


Dodge and dribble to outclass your opponents. Jump and shoot to score quickly as time rapidly wears on. Come, participate in this euphoria-inducing game. To emerge victorious, you must rely on your impeccable aim!


Punch and kick hard like never before. Block like your life depends on it. Be the one to takedown your opponents to the ground. Test your patience and wait for the right moment to strike. Slam everyone in your way. It's about who beats them all and stands tall.