Literary Arts

Just a Minute (JAM)

Do you have what it takes to be spontaneous and creative at the same time? Just a Minute, is a panel game in which the contestants are challenged to speak for one minute without hesitation, deviation or repetition on any subject that comes up on the cards. The ground rules are laid, the game is about to begin, the clock is ticking, are you set?


Here's a formal contest of argument, an essential tool for developing and maintaining democracy and open societies. More than a mere verbal or performance skill, debate embodies the ideals of reasoned argument, tolerance for divergent points of view and rigorous selfexamination.

LA Supreme

It's time to play a world-wide classic game with a few twists. It's a simple race contest based on literary games. Flaunt your lite skills through task completions on designated squares.

The Anchorman

Do you have a way with words? Are you inquisitive by nature? If you have answered the questions in the affirmative, then you possibly have strong journalistic skills. So, what's stopping you from claiming the next Pulitzer Prize?

English Vinglish

This event incorporates Hindi literature with English and revolves around the translation. So, come along if you're a connoisseur of the national language coupled with the knowledge of lingua franca.

Whose Line is it Anyway?

The event focuses on popular phrases of English literature and tests your word building skills. If you have a flair for forming puns then here's an opportunity to exhibit your talent.


Fusing the frolics of childhood memories with the ultimate teenage dream. The best of scrabble and poker combined to create one event which tests both wit and vocab.

Game of Thrones Discussion Forum

Are you an enthusiastic aficionado of the top-notch series currently in limelight? Do you want to traverse the seven kingdoms of Westeros? Do you wish to vent your grievances regarding Jon Snow's death or air your opinions for Lannisters & Starks? Then, here's an opportunity to discuss the plot that keeps you on the edge of the chair. The event focuses on gathering the Game Of Thrones fan base and make them discuss fan based fiction of the very famous book series and TV series. A member of the Game of Thrones fan club in Mumbai will mediate the event.