Management ∞ Fest


Do you have the perfect business idea and believe in its success? Come, be a part of Pehel where you can express your ideas and see it materialize. A platform where entrepreneurs meet investors!


Ever wondered how celebrities work? Do you have what it takes to manage a star? Do you have the conviction to crack the best deal for their investments? Fame brings paparazzi along! Amidst all these controversies, can you manage to maintain the reputation of your celebrity and deal with his/her crisis?


Inspired by the popular video game series 'Zoo Tycoon', experience the joy of building your own zoo through this unique number crunching event.


This event will put you in the place of a CEO and a salesman. If you have the decision making skills and the perfect selling techniques, you have the chance to be the ultimate Complete Corporate!


Rural India remains untapped. With almost 70% of India residing in rural areas, it presents a mammoth opportunity for commercial expansion. Do you have the acumen and the guts to tap this mystery land? Come, discover it yourself.


The participants have to create a hamper out of the listed items. They have to get all the items through profitable exchanges between each other. Grand Exchange counter is where Umang will help you have a deal but help comes with its own conditions! Beg, Borrow, DEAL!


The Umang Stock Exchange is a stock market simulation and works on the actual concepts of a share market. It is a concept unique and typical to Umang, where the share prices of all participating colleges are listed on a screen in the Umang Stock Exchange Stall, and can be traded by anyone in exchange of the official Umang currency known as Toons. The investors are given a USE share certificate as proof of their deal. It provides an exciting experience to those who take interest in investing and growing money.