Can you pull off a light-painting photograph? Can you let your darkness flow in silhouette photography? Prove your worth to us and triumph over others who believe they're better than you!


Forced perspective is a strategy that photographers use that employs optical illusions to make an object appear farther away, closer, larger or smaller than it actually is. Can you master this technique?

Product Photography

Can you channelize your inner artist through photographing mundane items and instil a thoughtprovoking edge to your pictures? Then this event is made for you. Be it indoors or outdoors, let's see how you shine. Capture moments inside a studio and work your magic on food items that make it look both appetizing and enticing.


Gluttony is considered to be the most common of all vices. All of us have those food sanctuaries that are reserved to fulfil our cravings. And sometimes, these places are blessed with rich histories and people who have been a part of them since their inception. Tell us your story this time.

The Umang filmmaker

This is the signature event of Umang. You get to shoot the essence of the festival for two days and make sure your perspective stumps the others in order to become the ultimate.