Everyone has a story, everyone has a struggle. It takes great courage to bare yourself in front of the world. Here at the TEDx Gateway, we have notable personalities sharing a piece of their lives and presenting an insight into their ideas


In the eye of the storm of all heated discussions on pressing issues of the community, seated, are the politically sound individuals. This event's the one for you, if you're daring enough to plunge into the unconventional.


Would you miss a talk about Sachin Tendulkar discussing cricket or Mr. Amitabh Bachchan have a conversation about acting? The Convention of Umang '17 will have well acclaimed people talking about their passion, which they transformed into careers. If you attend this convention, we assure you that you will leave feeling inspired.


A look at a famous face, a few snickers and laughs, knockabout stuff and interviews - all blended into one glorious show. If you don't miss a single episode of Koffee with Karan and you spend nights bingewatching The Ellen Show, then The Talk Show of Umang '17 is where you should be.